Medisana PowerRoll XT

With depth vibration

The PowerRoll XT massages, stimulate, and trains your muscles and connective tissue at your choice of eight different vibration intensities, reliably reaching even deeper-seated muscles. Especially suited for activation and regeneration..


8 Reason for upgrading to a Medisana PowerRoll XT 


An ever-increasing trend over the last decade, many fitness enthusiasts use foam rolling as a way to warm up, cool down or rehabilitate in between workouts


This technique, with similar principles to massage, has proven benefits with the implementation of vibration. The Mediana PowerRoll XT has intensity settings that are adjusted to whether you are trying to prepare your muscles for exercise or to gently release tightness and improve blood flow following. 


Here’s our comprehensive list of why you need to upgrade your foam rolling to a different level.

  • Faster recovery

Research published in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation finds the vibration may hinder pain signals coming from muscle, often associated with myofascial release. Studies say a vibrating roller can ease muscle soreness in the days after a workout and help range of motion.

  • Injury Prevention

From gym-goers to runners and even as a pain management tool, yes – professionals promote foam rolling as a useful tool to reduce the risk of injury.  From a research point of view, there are studies that confirm that foam rolling can reduce muscle soreness after exercise and improve range of motion (ROM). 


  • Ease back and joint pain 

Back pain is often a symptom of tightness or imbalances in surrounding muscles in the hips and legs or the upper back. Vibrating foam rolling can help enhance blood flow to the muscles, alleviate trigger points and soften connective tissue.

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  • Gain flexibility 

Like any massage, getting the kinks out is like a giant sigh for the muscles. You feel free and able to move with more flexibility. Regularly implementing foam roller exercises into your schedule can help your range of motion, allowing you to achieve the goals you have for your whole body.

  • Release Toxins

Using the vibrating foam roller increases blood flow, it increases the transfer rate of all fluids circulating through the muscles targeted by foam rolling. The "toxins" that are flushed through the muscles are actually metabolic waste produced from the muscles themselves. Detoxing muscles is great for overall muscle health.

  • Age-approved 

Because of the gentle power provided with various intensity settings, the young and the young at heart can easily adapt to a foam roller routine that is safe and effective. But let’s talk about the elderly population. When our bodies change, which is bound to happen with age, muscles aren’t as elastic as they once were. Thus, cramping and tension are pretty much inevitable. But no one, at any age, should have day-in, day-out pain. This is where we want to shout: vibrating foam rollers aren’t just for gym-lovers.

  • Improve posture

 Even if your posture has been a problem for years, it's possible to make improvements through foam rolling. Rounded shoulders and a hunched stance may seem like they're set in stone by the time we reach a certain age, and you may feel you've missed the boat for better posture. But there's a good chance you can still stand up taller with regular exercises.

  • General aesthetics

We saved this one for last, because, this is really just a bonus of a vibrating foam roller. But, consistent use has shown to have great benefits to the skin’s appearance, including the reduction of cellulite, increased hydration and overall exfoliation.