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Back, Neck and Shoulders

Back, Neck and Shoulder Treatment

 Designed to ease out the muscular tension from daily tasks.


Most of us complain about some kind of back neck or shoulder discomforts, such as lower back pain, a stiff neck or aching shoulders. These are common niggles that often come about from bad posture or daily tasks of modern life. Our 1 hour Back, neck and shoulder treatment is designed to relieve us of those general aches and pains we all get in our backs. The back massage includes various deep tissue and superficial techniques to release the muscle tension responsible for causing the pain experienced in our backs. The treatment is tailored to your preference, ranging from strong to a more relaxing massage. 

Benefits of a sports massage:

• Release muscle tension.

• Reduce daily stress.

• Improve posture. 

• Improve mobility and flexibility.

• Reduce muscular pain and inflammation.

• Corrects muscular dysfunctions and imbalances.

• Increases blood circulation and promotes recovery.

Ready to book?

Back Massage
If you would like to speak to us before booking please get in touch. 
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