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Mat Edwards - Therapist and Owner

Mat is the owner of MSE Sports and Remedial Massage which he opened up in 2017. The studio is situated on Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe.
Mat is an experienced sports massage therapist and conditioning coach and has helped athletes at all levels improve and excel in their sports.

Mat has worked within sports and fitness for nearly 10 years. At the age of 16, Mat helped run a coaching programme to help young adults with physical conditions engage in sports. After this, Mat studied personal training and sports conditioning.

He has a keen eye for biomechanics and focuses on improving the individual’s movement pattern to help them progress at their best.
​He has also spent time working within the local universities. 

In 2017, Mat studied sports massage with the sports massage academy and opened MSE Sports and Remedial Massage after qualifying in late 2017.

We pride ourselves on our quality; offering bespoke services for each client's individual needs. Whether you are a non-sports person, an everyday runner,  or an elite athlete, we can help! 

"My goal is to educate my clients on being more aware of their movement patterns or body positioning so they can prevent future injuries and dysfunctions. Educating clients on prevention is key for a pain free and more mobile lifestyle." - Mat Edwards 



Mat Edwards sports massage of the calf muscle
  • Sports massage level 4 - qualified in 2018 with the Sports Massage Academy. 

  • Sports massage level 3 -  qualified in 2017 with the Sports Massage Academy.

  • Personal training level 3 - 6 years experience within the fitness industry. 

  • Sports Conditioning level 3 - 6 years experience working with athletes of all abilities to progress their performance.

  • Nutrition level 3 - 6 years experience advising athletes on nutrition and also creating meals and meal plans.

  • TRX Suspension training - 4 years experience training and coaching using the TRX.

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Tuesday - Friday

Our sports massage training and development.

Choosing which training academy to qualify with was very easy for us. The sports massage academy ticked all the boxes. The tutors are great to work with, having offered great support throughout the course and continue to support us after having qualified.

Check out how they can help you progress your career at

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