Heather Damian - Lead Mobile Therapist

Heather is our leading mobile sports massage therapist and specialises in foot and ankle treatments. Her techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger pointing and compression release to give a great muscular release. Heather also specialises in foot-specific treatments.

Heather has been interested in sports from a  young age where she started horse riding. For the health and fitness of horse and rider, she qualified in France though taking the "Gallop" exams. 

Through school and University (Msci in biological and medicinal chemistry), she gained an interest in netball, running and climbing as well as a few years competing in bikini fitness. 

Throughout her fitness journey, she became more interested in recovery and health due to injuries, leading to her taking a course and qualifying as a sports massage therapist.


Heather's style of massage is very strong but like all great therapist, she tailors all her treatments to the client's needs.  

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