Deep Tissue Massage

Need a firm massage? Look no further. Book our deep tissue massage.


Our deep tissue massage is slightly different from a sports massage treatment, as it is less area-specific but more deep tissue focused. The focus is to provide a firm, deep massage to help remove the muscle tension and general aches and pains that build up from the stresses, strains of daily activities and everyday life.
A deep tissue massage helps to reduce pain caused by excessive muscular tension, such as lower back and upper back pain, neck tension and stiffness around the hips and legs. Deep tissue massage is designed to reduce muscular tension, to assist with providing a reduction in pain and discomfort.  This treatment is perfect if you need a firm all-over massage to work out the knots and tension.

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage:

• Release muscle tension.

• Reduce pain and discomfort.

• Improve posture. 

• Improve mobility and flexibility.

• Corrects muscular dysfunctions and imbalances.

​• Increases blood circulation and promotes recovery.

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