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Injury Treatments

On your first visit, we will take you through a detailed and thorough consultation which will give us a clear view of your daily life. After, the therapist will conduct a full postural and movement assessment and use a range of tests to identify the cause of the problem and create a treatment plan; utilizing a range of methods including soft tissue release, sports massage, PNF/MET stretches, kinesiology taping and ice therapy. You will also undertake movement corrective exercises and be provided with a rehabilitation programme and given injury prevention advice.

Your recovery is our main goal. If we can't treat, you don't pay.

Some injuries will need referring to another practice, like a

physiotherapist or a chiropractor, and if we feel your case needs

referring we will recommend the best one for you.


Don't let injuries get in the way of your active lifestyle. At MSE sports and remedial massage, we help people overcome their injuries and direct them on the right road to recovery. From ankle sprains to lower back pain, we have successfully helped many of our clients become pain-free. 

Ready to book?

Are you a student? Use "Student24" for your student discount. 
NHS Staff, Emergency Services, Carers, Teachers, and Military personnel (including retired) Use code "Blue-light24" for your discount.

Contact us today if you have an injury you would like to discuss.

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