Re-opening our doors to you.

Following the government's relax on the COVID-19 restrictions we have are also making some changes to the

COVID-19 precautions which we have been enforcing for the last 18 months or so. Whilst we do want to move forward and back to some form of normality, we also believe enforcing some of the precautions will help prevent the spread of the virus and keep all clients safe when visiting MSE Sports and Remedial Massage.


When visiting the treatment room, please do wear a clean mask. However, this is not mandatory for the treatment so if you do wish not to wear a mask please ensure you are fit and well. Do not take a chance by attending appointments when you are unwell or may have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for the virus. Remember, no deposit will be lost if a cancellation is made due to illness or the currently "pingdemic". This can not be helped.

Temperature checks still may be taken but I have now removed the COVID-19 check forms. All previous forms have since been destroyed. Hand sanitiser is also available as you walk into the building and in the treatment room. 

As you may have previously noticed, when visiting the treatment room, I leave at least 30 - 60 minutes between sessions to do a thorough deep clean of the room. This precaution will now be reduced to 30 minutes between sessions so we still have plenty of time to do a thorough clean.

For myself and Heather, we will remain in our PPE as usually. We are still waiting on a second vaccination so we may choose to change this in the next 3 months or so. 

We will still continue to "meet and greet" at your vehicle as we feel this works very well - plus we actually use the walk into the treatment room as part of a visual assessment. If you have walked/ cycled to the treatment room, again we will meet you outside and walk you in. 

Please be aware that at any point the previous COVID-19 precautions may be brought back in if the infection rate increases. 

Please also be aware that at any point, like with every business, we may have to close if we are told to self-isolate or either myself or Heather contract the virus. If this is the case any bookings made previously will have to be postponed and rearranged. 

If you do contract the virus, are told to self-isolate or have been in contact with any with the virus please DO NOT attend your session. This would be very costly to my business and my health. 

Please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns before you session. Let's work together to stop this from postponing anymore of our time!

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