Re-opening our doors to you.

Due to the current situation, we all find ourselves experiencing changes to our everyday lives and we, at MSE Sports & Remedial Massage, are no exception to these changes. Please read below to see what will be changing as we start to move into our re-opening phase.

How are we, at MSE Sports & Remedial massage, going to create a safe environment and prevent the risk of COVID-19 within our treatment room?

Your health and safety is our main priority. To help prevent the risk of COVID-19 we will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our treatment room every morning, in between bookings and evening. Cleaning checks and COVID-19 specific checks will be completed and signed off throughout the day. Hand sanitiser will be available and must be used before entering and leaving our treatment room by both therapist and client. Your temperature will be taken before the session starts. Anyone experiencing a high temperature will be given a face mask, gloves and will need to leave the treatment room and follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines. No deposit will be lost. Sessions will now have a minimum of 1 hour in between session to provide time for cleaning and checks to be completed. As your therapist, I will be wearing a disposable apron, using hand sanitiser and wearing PPE (changed every session) during all treatments. Face masks will be offered to clients during their visit as this is now compulsory for them to wear. If you are considered a vulnerable person or care for a vulnerable person please consider all health risks before booking a treatment.


New  Test & Trace app and QR code:

As of the 24th of September, test and trace will be mandatory for all small businesses offering a personal well-being service or a service which includes being in close contact with an individual. When entering the treatment room, you will be asked to scan our QR code on the NHS test and trace app. Individuals who cannot access the test and trace app will have their data taken manually and logged in our own test and trace spread sheet. 

Please download the NHS test & trace app before your treatment.

Please note: relevant data will be store for the purpose of test and trace. This, unfortunately, is not optional. Providing a test and trace QR code and collecting data for test and trace is compulsory for all business like ours and failing to do so can result in penalties or even closure.  

Face covering for clients?

As of the 8th August 2020, all clients must wear face covering when entering the treatment room and during the treatment with the exception of lying in the prone position. When asked to lay face-down, you will then be allowed to remove your mask until the treatment has finished or if asked to move into a different position where your face will be exposed. If you do not have a mask or if you forget your mask we will provide you with a disposable mask.

Educating for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Before opening the doors myself and anyone associated with MSE Sports & Remedial Massage will be completing government-backed online courses for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our certificates will be displayed for your peace of mind. 

What to do if you feel unwell before a session?

If you have booked and paid a deposit for treatment and start to feel unwell please contact us and rearrange your session. Please do not risk coming for treatment if you feel unwell. This will protect not only yourself but will also protect myself, my family and everyone who has booked a treatment that day. No deposit will be lost. We are not here to profit from sickness. Our passion is to help others get better.

Financial and loss of earning during the pandemic.

I sympathise with everyone who has experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic. Like other sports massage therapists and businesses like ours, we have also been hit hard during the pandemic. And due to how people have had to adapt to how we keep fit, for example taking up running, and how we've worked from home, for example sitting on the sofa with a laptop, most of us will be experiencing a lot of muscular discomfort or muscular related conditions which will need treating to correct. Due to this, I have taken the decision to reduce my prices for a period of time. The new price list:

1-hour sports massage or injury treatment: £30 - one-off treatment. £25 - a treatment at least once per month.

45-minute treatment: £25 

30-minute treatment: £20

No current discount applies to mobile sessions. 

Cash payments are accepted but card or online payments are preferred.

Please note these prices have been reduced to help and support each other during this time of financial uncertainties. The expiry for the reduced price will be 1st October 2020. Although this will depend on the financial difficulties which lay ahead.

Mobile bookings.

We are now offering our mobile service to all. Please ensure there is adequate space for setting up the massage couch and for the therapist to work. The room must be well ventilated and clean before the therapist arrives. Only the client and therapist should be in the room where the treatment is being provided and all relatives or friends must follow the 2 metres social distancing rule. The therapist will wear PPE and use hand sanitizer before and after the treatment. Clients must also wear a face covering unless they are face down or have a medical condition which excludes them from wearing one. The therapist will need access to soap and water to wash hands after the treatment. 

Our mobile couch and equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each session.

Please contact us for more information about this.


Finally, we move onto the people who have kept us afloat during this pandemic. The NHS and key workers. As a thank you and to keep you active and discomfort-free I would like to offer all NHS staff and key workers a 60-minute treatment for £20 throughout July and August. To activate your discount just bring proof of your occupation and your treatment will automatically be reduced to £20.

Please note: Our key worker discount does not include mobile treatments. The expiry date for this discount is 1/10/2020. Please use discount code NHS2020 when booking after the 1/10/2020 to activate the new NHS discount. Please bring proof of occupation when attending the treatment.