What’s the Best Type of Training for Me?

Updated: Jul 21

Training can be a minefield. Am I focusing on the right type of fitness for my body type, experience and goals? Shall I just do what everyone else seems to be doing? Do I even enjoy my training right now? Do I need injury treatment for those niggling pains before I start? Finding a training focus and modality that fits your lifestyle, preferences, physicality and mindset towards exercise can take time, and can also change over time.

Broadly speaking, there are five core components to physical fitness:

- muscular strength

- muscular endurance

- cardiovascular fitness

- flexibility

- body composition

Within those components are countless types of training we’ve probably all seen and/or done at some point. So today we’ll take a look at just a few of the common training methods, what they are used for and consider if they are right for each of us as individuals.


What Is It?

Picking up and putting down heavy things.

How Is It Useful?

Weightlifting can be used for improving muscular endurance, definition, strength, power and hypertrophy (increase in muscle size/mass). Which of these best corresponds to your specific goals will determine exercise and weight selection, programme structure, and training frequency.

Is It For Me?